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Produced by Jake Palumbo

Written by T. Vick, D. Ferrell, C. Blue & W. J. Simpson II

© 2012 SpaceLAB Recordings
© 2012 CrayonBeats.com
℗ Palumbo's Escrow (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved

Recorded & Mixed by Jake Palumbo at
SpaceLAB Recording Studios
251 W. 30th Street,
New York, NY 10001

Album Artwork by Tiffology


released January 23, 2013

Ciphurphace + Jake Palumbo + C-Zar Van Gogh + Ollie OX (known to be known at times as 4 Deep In A Honda) pitched in this contribution to CrayonBeats.com concept-compilation LP, "The Monsters Are Due On CrayonBeats" based upon the Goosebumps title of the same name.

In this episode (of a rap song about a book), Ciphurphace portrays a terrorizing monster residing in the basement of a young slacker. Jake Palumbo plays of the young slacker. C-Zar Van Gogh is the neighborhood pharmacist who might or might not be responsible for the boy seeing monsters in the 1st place, & Ollie OX ties the cast together as the concerned father, worried the boy may have taken it too far.

You can download "The Monsters Are Due On CrayonBeats" HERE:


From CrayonBeats themselves:

"This is a concept compilation, where the artists each chose either an episode from The Twilight Zone or a story from the Goosebumps book series. I (Tiffology) have thoroughly enjoyed both in my years--I read the books as a child, and I continue to watch The Twilight Zone to this day. I thought this would be an excellent compilation to release around Halloween, with their combined themes of horror, science fiction, paranormal, fantasy, and beyond.

Each artist wrote and recorded a brand new, CrayonBeats exclusive song, that was inspired by their chosen story. The inspiration spans between the artists creating songs loosely based around the story (the foundation idea), partially around the story (bits and pieces), or the full story. Nothing but great music creations from a bunch of amazing artists.

We hope you enjoy our 5th volume! Spread the word. Share the music. "



all rights reserved
Track Name: I Live In Your Basement


It's like you saw something come from behind
Now you're questioning if I'm real or just up in your mind
You're going crazy, & that's how your day's spent
And now you're hearing noises in the basement
And that's a typical fiend thing
I may be red or purple or a mystical green thing
You run & hide & make sure that your closet's locked
Pop up in your bedroom, & I'm puking up Cosmic Slop
You break out & start racing to your dad quick
Coming out your ceiling while you're laying on your mattress
I don't want you to be scared of me
I just want you to take care of me
Just know it's all love, buddy
I'll be here to give you hugs, buddy
Now your father wants you to see a doctor
And no one believes that you saw an elfin' monster!!!!



My name's Marco (Hi, Marco)
I got some issues
My Mom's a germaphobe, discipline misuse
A typical nerd, with a twitch for technology,
With Magic Cards, a Twitter crush on Tiffology
I got some problems, I'm embarrassed
Getting terrorized living in the sticks with my parents
In the basement, where the laundry & the oven be
The only problem is I got a little company
His name's Keith; he ain't cool
He in the basement when I make it home from school
Salivating slime like he's feeding in a frenzy
He gives me nightmares about my little sister Gwynnie
And not for nothing, the motherf***er's purple
Tentacles & tusks got me shrieking like I'm Urkel
And Dr. Bailey say I need medication
And Cherokee Mental needs for me to be a patient
I'm not a Geto Boy, but my mind playing tricks on me
Fending off monsters isn't how I get my kicks, homie
To make it worse, my own pops don't believe me
And, wait.......
What exactly does "Molly" do again????



So this reporter shows up at my door
Asked if I could tell him more about this missing little boy
He went to the store a couple days ago, who knows what for?
Like "nah, I ain't seen him...but he was sleeping on my floor"
Don't tell nobody, but this is what had happened
He came to the trap with more cash than past transactions
He said that he was buying me out
For everything that I had, want it all out the bag
Bought the bud & the butter, everything out the stash
Spread it all on the table, bread all on the table
Then he started taking more hits than Bobby Abreu
I told him ease up, relax, breathe, chill
You should have seen his face, eyes rolling like G wheels
After being awake for 3 days straight
He kept saying that he needed to stay, cuz
There's some crazy guy, down in his basement