Jake It Till You Make It

by Jake Palumbo

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Recorded at SpaceLAB Recording Studios NYC by Mo Kofuma, Kelly Rodriguez & Michael Goodwin

Mixed by Jake Palumbo

Mastered by Dale Nixon & Jake Palumbo

All songs © 2016 SpaceLAB Recordings
℗ Palumbo’s Escrow (ASCAP)

Sample clearances by Miss Kincade & Miss Carmichael for Adam Schiff, Esq. & Associates


released November 18, 2016



all rights reserved
Track Name: Long Road To F-List Stardom
On a pistol-whip trigger, tryna live in harmony
4th official LP, what the hell is wrong with me?
Jake It Till You Make It, I'm running outta chances
I'm in my 30's now, there ain't no advances
Advance myself forward like a knight on a chessboard
Successful corporation but my bed don't have a headboard
Not from the projects but got much in common
Learned to use chopsticks eating Top Ramen
This the last album rapping about pills and side-chicks
Time to move on, plus I tend to self dry-snitch
But it's been a lot of both since my last official album
Gotta get it off my chest, this my last official Valium
Even drugs getting gentrified like Brooklyn & Harlem
Lost on the long road to F-List Stardom
For 5 years the SpaceLAB a block from the Garden
Now we in court fighting big business, that's a problem
Cashing cashier's checks like the reign will never stop
But I'm racing against the clock and my vein's about to pop
Paint a picture with a sample, make a sketch that's composite
But I ain't chopping one loop without a deposit
See my salary is hourly
Always face my fears, whether brave or done cowardly
Bad at cashing in karma, but I gotta make amends
Hope my beats meet receptive ears & proactive pens
Track Name: Jake It Till You Make It

Born at the bottom of the mountain in a manger
Stuck to my guns even in the face of danger
Unemployed intern, to Captain of the Squad
I defied authorities & then defied the odds
I was too old, too weird, too country, too smart
Too tough to die, Iron Man with a new heart
Life give you NOTHING, gotta mask up & take it
Get it how you live
Jake It Till You Make It


Whirlwind train ride, elevated speed
Last of a dying breed, least likely to succeed
Tell me how this hillbilly prick nabbed the title
With a bottle of barbiturates & Frank Zappa vinyl
A little bit trippy that this trip been a decade
Me & Jak Dizzle splitting half a chicken sandwich
Went from bedroom producing to Manhattan real estate
I'm tryna make a million in change & then vanish
Never signed a slave deal, my servitude indentured
Made obscurity a profitable venture
Payed as an engineer, slept on artist
Production conquers, my slaps slap hardest
I need to rehabilitate & make some confessions
Why am I still in this godforsaken profession?
If you've got a little time I'll try to make this story brief
40 chapters underneath from these Tennessee streets



The winter was cold, my pops just popped himself
God bless the dead, ALS just stopped his health
I became a cold calculated being
Handpicked my comrades with amalgamated dreams
Moms lost the house had to move into a trailer
I feel like my family's only hope, I can't fail her
In the midst of Armageddon
I was rapping with the passion of a reverend
Jak moved in, combined our efforts
I gave $800 to a dude named Travis
The statue has passed plus we paid our damn taxes
He got robbed with my money but eventually flipped it
SpaceLAB Recordings was officially scripted
I faxed in an order for 1,000 CD's
Quit my job at Sears, told my boss to see deez
Ambitiously anticipate markets I ain't conquered yet
But there ain't a local rap scene, I damn near starved to death



Tried to put Johnson City on the map to no avail
Drug problem, 110 lbs. looking frail
2006 it was die or get a new bag of tricks
Packed up my '93 Jeep said goodbye to the sticks
Headed up I-26
$80 to my name, found a job the 1st week
On the N Train, greasy from the air compressor shop
Nothing bout me was fleek
Oldest intern employed by Progressive Music Studios
In the Film Center building
A year of volunteering got a job as a manager
At Play Studios on the hunt like a scavenger
With a coke head owner & a lot of bounced paychecks
Still played my shows every state that would pay me
In business for myself cause the industry drained me
But I outlasted every asshole that tried to play me
Track Name: Tuffalupagus feat. C-Zar Van Gogh
VERSE 1 - Jake Palumbo

Balancing bugets to ball fierce
Sale rack Polo, 34, Paul Pierce
Precision-made playbooks, my board of advisors
Decisions made high off a horse tranquilizer
My side chicks' is eating, treat em like a Quain
I dont sweat her bout deep throat, but the trachea is trained
4 Deep In A Honda, 10 Deep in a Van(e)
Wire the chicken in advance cuz to me it's all the same
Loved by everybody but I got some vile enemies
I can't fight for shit but I got some violent tendencies
Sonic mercenary, Serve em for a fee
All a sudden cab drivers acting nervous round ME
It's Tuffalupagus - you motherfuckers couldn't kill the beat if it 14) Keeled over & died right in front of yas
Let me eat my sushi in peace you stupid imbicle
Invincible, can't kill me with 10 tentacles


Smoking on the finest, focused on the commas
Poking on a dime, if you don't know what to call it
You know you're loving this, you can't fuck with this
Hundred dollar bills, can't even buy a soda
Let me in this game, now it's over, I'ma show ya
You know you're loving this, you can't fuck with this

VERSE 2 - C-Zar Van Gogh

Winning in every inning & every outing
Work start piling up the scale, each & every mountain
What I'm up to every day
Sipping bar, tipping tities, hitters with me
And we be getting great at my getaway
By the way, all the prices that I'm getting
Getting bent while I'm sitting straight
Shifting weight
Tripping up and down the interstate
Real n**** s***, when we talking look me in the face
Chinky from the drugs, give a f*** about your feelings, so
Motherf*** the Feds, get the phone call, INTERPOL
I look in your soul, then I raise the weapon I own
Young n**** but my texture is old
Blue denim still kill 'em even fresher with holes
My OG told me lesser is more
These days I ain't banging nothing less than a 4
Now I got 'em under pressure for sure
Load the bases


VERSE 3 - Jake Palumbo & C-Zar Van Gogh

I got a goon for every bump in your face
I got a b**** for every bump in the road
I smoked an O for every one that I sold
Hot winters & the summers is cold
These extendos, fammo - don't underperform
Hit the Wendy's on a windy day, ReTweet from Wendy Day
Mixed too many hits to do ya mixtape for flimsy pay
My revenge is getting rich, selling out without the switch, own the masters &
My b**** is frying fish in the kitchen
And if you catch me with a vixen, it's a mixed one
Only time I took an L it was a lit one
And you ain't really worth mentioning
This jerk behind the counter say he can't break this Benjamin
Jake Affleck, Palumbo produce The Town
And Ceddy Roosevelt rejuvenate the juvenile
And we could shoot it out, but this gonna have to do for now
Girl scout cookies, thumbing through a thou...

Track Name: Wolf Of 30th Street

Record game crazy, loops is the dirtiest
Making money in my 30's, Wolf Of 30th
Record game crazy, loops is the dirtiest
Making money in my 30's, Wolf Of 30th
Quaaluded up
But still handle business like you're all suited-up
I'm all zooted up
Quaaluded up
But still handle business like you're all suited-up
I'm all zooted up


District Selectman, product of September
Not just the President I'm also a member
Who'd have ever thought a Hillbilly would have a lab
Next to MSG?
Used to barely catch a cab back to Brooklyn
I'm a legend in my own mind
Necessity the mother of invention to a zoned mind
Multiple instances, with mistresses
Keeping clandestine from Instagram witnesses
Rest in power to Rowdy Roddy Piper
My Triple 6 tapes said that powder make you hyper
My prescriber provides a performance enchancer
My effect on the cypher is fully on point
But you should probably check my eyelids
Cardiac party pack the worst shit that I did
My Boston babe text me, she want me in the worst way
But still deals to close before the end of the workday


Blessed to wake up with new pics from new chicks
Inbox of emails from industry new pricks
Phone ringing, but I don't feel like talking
I'm in the Continental like I'm Christopher Walken
I live a life of Pulp Fiction
But still handle business, act a fool in the kitchen
I cracked two ribs on stage in Philly, man
I should stop trying to be Brian Pillman
Jesus, room temperature cheeses
Release seeds in whatever womb I peases
Pleasing my psyche's gonna bite me
Cause all of the above is all that's left that still excite me
I'm in the studio nightly
So the Chase Checking high & the wifey mad, writing me
So how'd you get your recognition?
With a Penzoil flow & retard repetition

Track Name: Undisputed Underdogs feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq
VERSE 1 - Jake Palumbo

I tried to tell ya, ya didn't listen
So I'ma kick back and grab the last piece of chicken
The city & the country gave me a weird vernacular
But it's backed money-back by the fact my rap's spectacular
Forgive me, I'm not media-trained
I make an honest living but seeking seedier fame
Lawsuits, fly suits, multiple wives
I'll be on the no-fly list by the time I close my eyes
I expend energy, you are just expendable
My technical ability and pen game's commendable
And you just sit there like a got damn vegetable
I'm eating up Brussels sprouts, burning up broccoli
Check account swelling and the blogs start clocking me
Hard work conquers, back the f*** up off me
I've got a bad habit, of turning up in public
But I need that gasoline when I'm preaching to my subjects


VERSE 2 - Shabaam Shadeeq

S heavy on the weigh-in, in big coupes they play this
I'm a favorite in they playlist, some of you dudes are plagiarous
Always taking major s***, verse is an extended clip
I slap it in when I begin and let the words rip
Move out the way though, my flow greater
I keep it bubbling hot like the Earth's Equator
Let her taste major flavor, I'm a major player
One of the saviors of this art form
Any beat's a platform to transform
The topics that I speak on get, get me sets at the UN
Ambassador, raw, nominated I'm a shoe-in
When I was young I was a truant
I still passed with A-Plus
Tagged my name on every one of them crosstown school bus
Fashion icon, triple fat goose on
You a lame, might as well put your noose on and hang
I was in you and your people's conversation
They wondering how I stay blazing
With them ladies waving my flags



So don't get comfortable cuz I'm a humble student
Who stumbles in the party looking fumed and awful zoomed
It's stupid to think Jake Palumbo won't school you
Don't let the hair gels & button-ups fool you
Brooklyn took me in when you were still scared to move
Carved my own little niche, there's very little left to prove
You can't hustle in the park, the damn camera's panoramic
the SpaceLAB signal, round up my band of bandits
My kick drum, my snare drum, my high hats my shakers
Are lifted off the breaks of the original makers
Hustle hard - I'm never making beat tape rejects
Did a record with Sahdeeq & my fee increased 3 steps
The keepers of the lost art, built from integrity
Selectman, Future Dead F-List Celebrity
Catch me on your local cable access channel
Drinking up the free liquor when I'm speaking on your panel

Track Name: Duke Evers

Good morning Brooklyn, Hillbilly Banksy
Catalog speaks for itself when I'm cranky
Snare drums crack they recorded close mic'ed-ed
I really only care if like 20 people liked it
Couple pairs of Nike's, couple fly Jordan's
Couple DC's & the rest is unimportant
Get accustomed to calling the office
You wanna speak to Jake that requires an appointment
Brace ya self, your bank account blossoms
Then lose it in a sample suit from Wah Wah Watson
It's a little harder pressure with a larger world watching
I'd give it all up to see my Dad in his Datsun
But God said nada, so we gotta keep it popping
Soma's on the picnic it's probably time to pop em
Karate Kid, older dude playing younger
Trained by Duke Evers not to never lose your hunger


Older duke playing younger
Trained by Duke Evers not to ever lose your hunger
Winston Wolf, you should never lose the number
Trained by Duke Evers not to ever lose your hunger
Karate Kid, older dude playing younger
Trained by Duke Evers not to ever lose your hunger
Winston Wolf, you should never lose the number
Trained by Duke Evers not to ever lose your hunger


I move my weight like a John Deere tractor
You should never let the impossible be a negative factor
Clean rap sheet, no space for rabid vultures
Made my own lane, had to cultivate my swagriculture
G.I. Joe in the field, spraying lasers
Faded, passing out on my subway neighbor
It's done been a decade of mischief & mayhem
A misfit, I'm Todd Shaw, Get In Where You Fit In
Gotta politic political, my time capsule's critical
See our drama doesn't ever leave the locker room
SpaceLAB rocket center, supernova sonic boom
The clock my nemesis, respect is my rocket fuel
To everybody who showed us love
When we were guests in their hood
And the heads that came to shows every chance that they could
And every person spread the word
My wordy words is dirty, street
And every housekeeping made that had to clean my dirty sheets
(I'm sorry!)

Track Name: Cobra Clutch (Still Holding Up)

(I throw ya brain in the Cobra Clutch)
The humbleness is over
They think I'm sober when I'm high
Think I'm high, when I'm sober
Make $100,000, probably never drive a Rover
The rest can make you wanna dive
Off the Cliffs of Dover
The road's been rough, but so the fuck what
We still here holding up
Same plan, never change
Put the game in the Cobra Clutch
Till the whole globe knows what's up


District Selectman, my bulls*** I'm back at it
Full clip of kicks, count my failures & laugh at it
What else can you expect me to do?
When I'm broke, I'm probably still more effective than you
Too rich to quit now
But still struggle to pay rent
Still hit the slab soon as shoes hit the pavement
SpaceLAB - my hits & my chips made in basements
Had a fan base before any major placements
Select few can do what we do
Like Calvin Coolidge water-skiing in a SeaDoo
Instead I hit the slaloms in my nostrils, preposterous
Exotic pastas, with Bob Costas
Hands high on the stage, or your stereo system
Nowadays I'm playing Tetris on the hardest level
Gargamel demeanor, JP ain't got the heart to settle



I'm just a Southernplayalistic Bacharach making music
Bat-crack activist, please don't make me use it
Back catalog or new single, people choose it
Rough business, good p****, gotta work not to lose it
Stock ticker, tryna beat the clock ticker
I absorb liquor quick as Billy Joel's liver
Got a glimmer in my brown eyed soul, Hall & Oates
Your politics determined by the way your dollar votes
Mix it down analog, 2-inch to 2-Track
Put it on the street & generate your revenue back
Studio vet, I don't have to front to prove that
I'm the reason shitty rappers still sound pleasant sonically
It would take too long to catalog it chronologically
You probably owe me money, owe me props or an apology
Never went to college, but I was always very scholarly
Hood politician spending bands at the Dollar Tree

Track Name: Tommy Two-Phones
I like a natural woman, I'm not attracted to lipstick
Respectful conversation leads to lips on my dipstick
White girls love Dipset, but don't be a dips hit
Nothing unsolicited, demos or d*** pics
Wait till they request new material
I ask 'em how her grades & baby what's you're favorite cereal?
Can I use your shower? Make a smoothie in your blender?
Plenty women off the internet
Never used Tinder.
I'm so lovable but scummy
For big-ticket shopping best to have your own money
But I always got the check
Always eat it in the morning
She tells me I'm a jerk, but she sorta miss my snoring
And it's been 10 months since I seen her in her bra
So let's exchange clean test results & schmang raw
We about to get it in on the ride home
"Yo who the fuck is Jenny??"
Man why she ain't dial the iPhone?!?!?


Only one life to life, gotta f*** while you can
Sensitive but rough, baby girl I'm your man
Dial 867-5309
I ain't Tommy Tutone, I'm Tommy Two-Phones
Two doors down in Room 269
It's only two tickets & the show's all live
You gon' love me, you gon' hate me
You gon' love me again
Love buddy, best friend
She gon' f*** me again


The internet's a big place, be careful when you creeping
GPS & check-ins disabled for a reason
But these DM's are active after PM
She need to see him, can she maybe be my BM?
I catch a lotta flights or a bus or an Amtrak
To hammer out hamstrings & beat out your damn back
Move into my casa, at least until tomorrow
But you can even leave an extra toothbrush and Tampax
I'm all about safety but fuck non-complacent
Let's complicate our lives to your Spotify playlist
Obamacare insurance, my women get provided
With an oral contraceptive, OrthoTryCyclin
Got a Latina side-chick with a T-Mobile SideKick
Password protected so she can't see through my pics
Take out & Netflix, get it popping back at my home
"Why is your ex texting you? I thought you didn't talk anymore?!?!"
....man why she ain't dial the iPhone!?!?

Track Name: Manilla Envelopes feat. Roc Marciano & Innocent?
VERSE 1 - Jake Palumbo

Big dreamer, small business
'88 Beamer, heat seeeker, tall Guiness
I am living on the edge of panic rooms & busted windows
With a mustard colored jumpsuit
Seducing younger womens
Spend my days in the basement avoiding the super
Cornbread, peach tea, burning sour, eating grouper
Spiral out the staircase leaving on the creep
Sometimes I wish that I was dead, just to get some decent sleep
Time to pay my loan shark, Hudson & Horatio
Cigar bar owner with enforcers on the payroll
Emeralds in the headphones, exchange manila envelopes
Handshake agreements, my pops taught me to honor those
Move in total silence, so I'm never like "your honor", though
Ostinato bass line, copped a box of Optimos
Cops is like the Octagon, choke without a care
In the lab I'm Dr. Octopus, engineer extraordinaire

HOOK - Innocent?

Look - I don't know what these motherf***er's expect
You carved your name in this game, they gotta show you respect
Traveled across lands, demand they cut a check
You so up to your neck, might light up a cigarette
(And you don't even smoke...)
They say you insane in the membrane, & yep
There's a couple screws missing
But homie ain't done yet
I make you a bet that the day before you go
You get a million-dollar check in a manila envelope

VERSE 2 - Jake Palumbo

Smash pumpkins off the necks of dumb fellas
Country bumpkins buying guns at Cabela's
Switch the vehicle cause they memorize your patterns
Rap is lackluster, never memorize your patterns
Snooping neighbors, overdue favors
But if I'm on the clock, then there's food on the table
My mood is unstable, sampling Dave Brubeck
Dance like I'm crippled with palsy, I can't two-step
Cripller crossface, true story -
I sold Chris Benoit groceries in 1999
Before I ever sold a record, before he snapped & went gory
Met my idol as a teen, the Wolverine said go for mine
Bumped my head a few times
Suffered two concussions
But cracked $80 Thou on the strength of my percussion
Last year, JP Midas Touch, Golden Ear
Old enough to know better, young enough to see it clear


VERSE 3 - Roc Marciano

Ghost guns from the Philippines
These white b*****s is feeling me like Ryan Philippe
Whip a blow-up in the kitchen, this s*** is chemistry
It's risky business, we did wickedry with the chicken feet
Switching V's, $50 G's is chicken feed
We in a different league, I cop my ice from Tiffany's
Drive-by's in the Lotus, the 6-speed
The 5th will bend your knees like Christopher Reeves
Getting the breeze is just routine
My shoes from the boutique
They cool as Kool G, they run a cool G
Just copped a new blue SUV
We don't lose sleep
Was a jewel thief
I popped the tooly at your booty meat
Play your position, I'm playing mines
I'm playing God, you could never take the baton
My young shooter Juan he from San Juan
Said Duece was on the arm
After he blammed your car, he died his hair blonde

BRIDGE - Innocent?

What do you do when your back is against the wall
And you're down so deep, no reception to make a call
All you got is a couple of bags of raw
Brown liquor, one mic & a button that says record
Second hand got me high as my first toke
Don't even think Travis Scott come equipped with the antidote
Dungeon of rap, these chains will never be broke
All because of C-Notes inside manila envelopes
Track Name: Exoskeleton feat. Ruste Juxx & Tek of Smif-N-Wessun
VERSE 1 - Ruste Juxx

Deep from the depths of the dirt, I’m a demon
Terrorize your nightmares, bitch while you dreaming
J-U-Double-X, you motherf***ers next
Suplex, n***a, break your motherf****ng neck
Murder-One case-beater, walk out of court laughing
Lead shower your corpse in a blood-bathing
Vampire, nocturnal beast with it
Murder rate increasing, wack rapper deceasing
You fragile, I’m wild with that mad style
Been a bad seed, Juxx was a bad child
My enemies die slow, it’s torture
3rd degree burns on your body when I scorch ya
Sunblock, Ong Bak, elbow to forehead
Double back, reload, empty out more lead
You duck, dive, dip when I’m dumping
N****s fronting, got that shotgun pumping


I storm through your fortress with the force of an elephant
There’s not a b**** bone in my Exoskeleton
Two puffs of petro, my brains turn to gelatin
Grind 9 to 9, the city is all mine
If I die tomorrow, or they throw me in cuffs
I will not back down to a couple of local tuffs
So no, we won’t hang around to hear your metaphors
Get the f**k back, Jack
Stand clear of the closing doors

VERSE 2 - Jake Palumbo

Never walk with the sheep, I’m avenging the herd
You expecting Dawson’s Creek?
This Revenge Of The Nerd
Before Netflix & Chill, it was Blockbuster Nights
I used to date a White Russian up in Killa Crown Heights
Mix a White Russian out of breast milk & Nesquik
Mix a hit record on an SSL desk, quick
I’m Destro, you some Cobra Commanders
My snare drums get frequently mistaken for hammers
Beats By Palumbo, Thorazine to your Thorax
Fleetwood Mac, I cut your cocaine with Borax
Dr. Seuss flows, getting shows for 3 or 4 racks
Poet laureate for the groundlings like the Lorax
Send my mail to Gravesend, Bucktown
When my grey-haired uncle plays with guns
You should Duck Down
Ruste, Smif-N-Wessun in the SpaceLAB, what now?
Touch down, take the money & run, POW!


VERSE 3 - Tek of Smif-N-Wessun:

P***y h* wanna test I, must be ready to die
You’re f**king with the Prince of the Stuy
I’m just another great from the 718
It’s the silverback, outfit all BAPE
I point fingers & bodies drop
Leg, chest, head shots
Come thru any block
Let the Mac Milli rock
I remember days when I was at the Days Inn
Bagging up, tryna make a G before a day’s end
I never spoke that
N***a where the smoke at? (Where the smoke at?)
40-Calli on my waist, don’t provoke Tek
I told the banker that I got that
Shoot that light s***, n***a threw a 5 and I threw 6
Diadora’s killed the game that’s for certain
Curtains, waves so thick that you can surf in
You see my n***as, them my n***as for life
Don’t get yours cut short
Rest in Peace Sean Price

Track Name: Gravy Like Gumbo feat. El Da Sensei
Red Rover, Red Rover
Send Jake Palumbo over
In a Toyota Tacoma, with a Dodge Dakota motor
On The Airport Speedway
I did speed at airports
Fly as f**k, lost soul, Amelia Earhart
Raised in the backwoods, with Backwoods & beats
Handicapable - gotta take my chain off to eat
Always been a little strange
More Prince than MJ
Smoke the chalice with the Sensei from NJ
Masked avenger, toxic, sinister
I squash your mix with an Oxford Limiter
I got caught creeping with a chick named Jennifer
At the Sheraton in Maryland at a buffet dinner
In the kitchen making chicken
Jake Palumbo from the wrong side of the Mason-Dixon
Pace car piston, with a race car engineer
Carhartt & Timbs, Dale Earnhart edition, c'mon


Fish stay grilling, shrimp stay jumbo
You may not understand me
But I definitely ain't mumble
Off the top like we in the Royal Rumble
Gravy like gumbo, Beats By Palumbo
Catch me in an unfamiliar city rocking solo
Or the Coney Island boardwalk
Probably rocking Polo
Politic with legends, get bread with the young's
Get head from my lovers
More bread in the oven

VERSE 2 - El Da Sensei


Track Name: Pieces (Sad Boi Bureill) feat. Gotham Heights
HOOK - Mike N.O.T.E.S

Try to let go of the pain, try to let go of the pain
But it's not going away, but it's not going away
And things fall apart, but you left me here with these pieces
And things fall apart, but got damn you know you're my weakness

VERSE 1 - Jake Palumbo

Dropping off a package in the mail at 34th Street
Returned back to the office, got the link that you divorced me
Refresh your social medias every half hour
Like I'm looking for an answer that somehow won't make me sour
Wish you understood with great power comes responsibility
But I really should have called you
F*** I got? A disability?
I know he's not as trill as me
But he's probably more stability
But knowing that you're happy out there without me
Is killing me...

VERSE 2 - Ed Ward

Wonder why I'm feeling so different?
Cause your way of healing is so distant
Make me feel like maybe you need distance
Think the grass still greener?
Then move fences
And every fight that we had always been near-death
But two wrongs make a wrong, not a right or a left
Word to the wise, fall in love, be weak & be stressed
But the one in control is the one who cares less

HOOK - Mike N.O.T.E.S

Try to let go of the pain, try to let go of the pain
But it's not going away, but it's not going away
And things fall apart, but you left me here with these pieces
And things fall apart, but got damn you know you're my weakness
Try to let go of the pain, try to let go of the pain
You got me going insane, you got me going insane
And things fall apart, but you left me here with these pieces
And things fall apart, but got damn you know you're my weakness

VERSE 3 - Mo Kofuma

You are my Truman Show
Can't do this scene without you
Cause deep in my subconscious where I dream about you
I know that you're an Aphrodite in disguise

Verse 4 - Mike N.O.T.E.S

I could die from your looks
No, I know we not perfect
Yeah, so why do we push?
Push along with no purpose if we know we not working
All the time that we took?
Now we throw it out windows with the rose from that bush
Keep the thorns in them fingers
Pain will make the love linger, pain it makes the love

VERSE 5 - Mo Kofuma

You better than all of these drugs
All I see are my dreams
Addicted to all of your love
Feel like I'm a fiend
I must be so chemically
Drawn to your energy, endlessly
Your love is the end of me

VERSE 6 - Mike N.O.T.E.S

Middle of winter I'm out in the cold
Nothing but darkness ahead on this road
Headlights is off with the pedal to floor
I'm playing chicken with nowhere to go
Why would you ever leave
When you know I need you beside me
I'm gonna bleed
Cause I know the seed that we planted forever gone
And I don't agree with your logic
I wanted you, thought you wanted me?

VERSE 7 - Jake Palumbo

Heavy is my head like Yokozuna doing stunts
These Somas got me slow as Mo Kofuma pass the blunt
They appropriate my culture of pharmaceutical usage
It's a beautiful disaster & musical revolution so...
Tick Tock, I just paid the check
But my brain replays all the painful texts
Heartache, regret
Such a shameful mess
Ran from my demons like evade arrest
Had to swallow my pride cause I ate the rest
So every other day it's an eighth of stress
See I can't let go cause I made this mess
But I'm going insane trying to pay the debt

VERSE 8 - Ed Ward

So hurting me just helps you
With all the petty shit that you do
But how that work when we through?
Now I'm lost & f**ked up like you
Never thought about it, till I wrote this s***
Now I'm broken-hearted & broke as s***
Cause I sold my soul so you could own the shit
Now I aim a gun & then I blow a kiss

Track Name: Jackie Shell, Bounty Hunter feat. El Gant & Ras Kass
VERSE 1 - El Gant

When I'm walking on the scene
Like Akeem The African Dream, mean
Fuck your life and sipping lean
I been in the hole like I overdosed on Ketamine
Then jumped up out with a better scheme
Full-steaming ahead and headed to get this team to scream
You ain't agreeing?
We ain't being civil lil' b*****s like Cybil Shepherd
We freezing 'em with weapons like Duncan in Double Dribble
Brittle plate of vittles, get your body broke
Jake Palumbo, Road House & the album got you by the throat
Over the ropes, choke, no hope
Just toke like a chief does
I been dealing with these childish angry underground angry artists
So long that I know they need a brief hug
And I'm over the emotions and Different Strokes my favorite show
So I don't watch these Re-Runs
Watch us leave guns, leave blood in a crisis
Leave you lifeless like a pre-cum
Got a license for this mean drum, I'm Seagram's
We run this racket like Acolytes
Terry Bradshaw, this the sacrifice

HOOK - Jake Palumbo

This is Rated E for Everyone
Wolfenstein 3-D, cheat codes for every gun
For every schmuck that say I'm too hard to market
I'm Jackie Shell with his eyes on target
And if I had a guarantee I wouldn't go to hell and fry
I'd have illegitimate kids & bad people would die
Try to hold my liquor, long run thinking bigger
Jackie Shell, Bounty Hunter with his finger on the trigger

VERSE 2 - Jake Palumbo

It's a stick-figure line between genius and insanity
Every day I lose my keys plus my faith in humanity
Faceless, Sean Hannity, bar-faced lies
Spoiler Alert: Life ain't fair, Scarface dies
I'm a product of the 3rd worst schools in America
Where they break into Rite-Aid with butter knives & a Derringer
Brutal staff sergeant in Platoon, Tom Berenger
I'm 11 years down, can I last another decade
In this god-awful oddball occupation
I'm obsessed with slinging cock and balls in mid-ovulation
Hit my side-chicks raw, wear a condom in the hot tub
What kind of sense does that make? My logic is impossible
Get high and preach the gospel, Jake The Snake Roberts
Never let a lazy artist disrespect my pockets
I'm booked too solid, circuit judge got the docket full
Why settle for crack? This amphetamine rocket fuel


VERSE 3 - Ras Kass

I'm B.B. King calling out your TV screen
Contorted like that bitch from The Ring, the blue scene
Lead guitar string gets picked
On the chitlins circuit
I paid dues till I paid off all debts, but still never get no service
My credit score should be 851
Caribou Lou with the 151, go dumb
Feeling so numb, I can't feel my Face-book
This bitch sniffing Adderal on my iPad
That's why I hate Brooke, but thanks, Brooke
You gave me some life bars
It's just another day at the beach like being a lifeguard
Homies pack blammers, so when you feel the burn
It won't B. Sanders
Guerillas with bananas, we shoot Tarzans
And peel your wig back like George Costanza
Call the ambulance or meet up at the rapture
Adapt to evolve & conquer tatted on my bicep
I'll probably f*** my country up like Wyclef
Track Name: High Tide Rising
High tide is rising
Life is a movie, hope yours is exciting
Even though the outcome of this film was tragic
At least we made a classic
Dealt a hand, rare as a pair of aces
Testament to finding love in strange places
Been almost a decade, a few hundred setlists
I’m back to square one like I’m searching on Craigslist?
I know you prolly don't miss me
Loved me unconditional, I miss the way you kissed me
Listened to me cry when the music bizness used to diss me
Asked for so little and it was "Not now, I'm busy"
Wish I could travel, back in a DeLorean
Tryna find solace, meditating like Gregorians
Future me is the only dude I'd prolly listen to
If he'd articulate the empty feeling I have missing you
I wish you could have met my nephew, Rand Alexander
Kids' smart as hell, I even changed a few pampers
You'da laughed at me fumbling, bout to throw up
Peter Pan Syndrome, I don't want to grow up
I never took lessons to engineer on Logic
And I don't learn lessons from good sense and logic
I only learn a lesson by falling down a staircase
Only see the bigger picture looking down from an airplane
I used to have a princess
I used to have a wifey but now there's just a distance
Cuz I don't operate at a pace you can measure
You dealt with my bullshit with grace under pressure
Held me down when your fridge held my only cheddar
No excuses, I was old enough to know better
It seemed to always rain each time we were together
...Never once complained about the weather
You would cook me talapia
With couscous and veggies, I’d lick on your labia
After dinner, dead broke, felt like a winner
Pretty in the summer, you were stunning in the winter
The Ginger Rogers to Jake's Fred Astaire
Ginger Loves Rocco, the Steamboat to my Flair
Not an expert on wrestling, but you'd still get the reference
Stimulate my brain and my sexual preference
Perpetual breakups & reconciliations
If I could take it back, I’d make you dinner reservations
Try to be the man you need, no more reservations
Said I love you in the kitchen, you looked at me strangely
All them jokes on Twitter bout having 9 wives
Thought I had a second chance, but I'd exhausted 9 lives
Played it off for a while with movie nights and great sex
I just wish you’d had the decency to send a "Dear Jake" text
I know I dropped the ball, I should have sent my letter sooner
Fuck that, I should have said it to your face
You left my bed 3 weeks ago with tears down your face
Find out with the world you got a man on Face...book
That was dead ass wrong, and you know it
Bullet through my ventricle trying not to show it
Recycling our dates I never took a girl to...
...was our spot, my heart’s pounding thru me, yo
Try to move on, but save your pics on occasion
But if you could see the films that play in my imagination
Every time you get tagged by your dude in a pic
That's what happens having 17 mutual friends
Thanks to Instagram's algorithms
An automated robot tells me how you're living
I gotta stop the madness, but I can't look away
It’s what I get for every time my only lover felt betrayed
Certain shit wasn't worth it
The best part of all is realizing you deserve it
Since then I tried hard to be a better person
My grandma asked about you as her condition worsens
Memories clear as day, my life lost the light in it
Of course I got options, but I’m really not excited, shit
Trust me I debated even writing this
Hesitant to pick at old wounds while I'm typing this
But speaking out my troubles in public is how I cope
A genius still fucks up, give a man enough rope
Doubt I'll get ever get chance to make it right, we’ll see
But if I ever do, Atlantic City’s on me
High tide is rising
Life is a movie, hope yours is exciting
Even though the outcome of this film was tragic
At least we made a classic
Track Name: Wrong End Of The Telescope feat. Ollie OX & Ciphurphace
VERSE 1 - Ollie OX

I'm just tryna prove that my childhood wasn't a glitch
Cuz now if I can't Google it, it doesn't exist
Sailing in circles through minuscule little pools
Won't be the first captain that has sunk with the ship of fools
Keeping an eye on all the introverted jealous folk
Looking at the world through the wrong end of the telescope
Why so serious? Just lighten up, tell a joke
Or get over the fact that I am indelible
My next plan's to flee the scene & go analog
But I'm stuck, cuz that part of my brain can't evolve
One's & zero's falling out the crack in my skull cap
Nothing to catch me besides dirt when I fall back
Dead phone, can't call it like I see it
On a workaholic plan, got free nights and weekends
The rest of the time, my line's disconnected
Struggling torn paths & trying to find an exit


Clap your hands to the malady
Implant the chip, hit the switch, cap your salary
Download the app, it's called Actual Reality
Looking at the world through the wrong end of the telescope
Stuck to my cell phone, tryna get the hell home
Elections paid off, corporations this is well-known
Man vs. machine, sipping lean outta styrofoam
Looking at the world through the wrong end of the telescope


They say it's best to stay indoors
And take it back to Orwell, 1984
With an OX by the first name of Oliver
Stuck to my cell phone like pasta in a colander
Good amount of gwalla, small amount of followers
Break down your blueprint to every last polymer
Chemistry set and a Remington revolver
Revolution televised, Facebook scholars
I only plug in when I need it
Got a Super NES, 27-inch Zenith
These days I don't need porn to set the scene
I just go to Instagram, hashtag #PregnantTeen
I been stuck in the Matrix
Since Steve Jobs was jobless, and Apple iiE's ran BASIC
The Oregon Trail to the Benjamin Franklins
The banks are bankrupting so I hope you stacked some paper


VERSE 3 - Ciphurphace

Scandals & cash ploys, channeled through tabloids
Neglected kids, Mom's drinking, the boy rattles his damn toys
Perverted verdict, life's shattered when you hear the gavel and man's voice
My generation & your generation is comparing Apples & Androids
The world's burning, we're all in Hell's Kitchen like Matt Murdock
Stuck in this failed system, I'm the rap sure-shot
Just give me shots of Whiskey & pots of Kimchi
And take me back to the era of Pac & Biggie
Or the days when I first heard Cannibal OX get busy
Aesop Rock get gritty
Oh you wanna be an emcee? Well that job is risky
The day we lost a Prince from the sky, falling Purple Rain
Everything in the journal is flames
Salute Colonel James
Swinging on a Soundcloud, catch me in the sky soon
Bumrush your Bandcamp, Illmatic on iTunes
Popping on Pandora, spazzing on Spotify
Get gully on Google Play, you'll get digitally sodomized

Track Name: Dikembe Palumbo feat. Sean Price
VERSE 1 – Jake Palumbo

I smack a hipster back to DUMBO
Unsportsmanlike conduct, Dikembe Palumbo
Regretfully never acting my age
World Television Champ, Lorenzo Lamas – Renegade
I'm vexed & left hanging in the vestibule
You'll soon be regrettable for questioning my vision
Unquestionable I got more heart in my left testicle
Moved to Brooklyn back when that was still a questionable decision
Back when Giuliani was getting rid of Orange Julius
I was fool enough to think that I could really do this
Buster Keaton, with a deadpan expression
Deadpool ambition, Part III Lethal Weapon
Mene Gene interview, off the head, hexed stupor
Superman's cool, but we influenced by Lex Luthor
Shoot the fair one? Never.
Rather shoot you for tresspassing
Test pressing, white-label, money order, check cashing

HOOK (Scratching):

Onstage with the planet in the palm of my hand
Whatever I'm spitting on
Get with the quickness
Royalty from the county of Kings
I'll still be on the grind when it all collapse
And you'll be first to catch this beat-down
I got Brooklyn manners, & Tennessee tendencies
Deep discussions turn to deep concussions
Professor, pound in my dresser
Overstand the underhanded ways of my camp, B

VERSE 2 – Sean Price

Welcome to Brownsville, my kids it ain't a jungle
Got a lot of blocks, Ahk – Dikembe Mutumbo
French Spader gun blow, Timbs beige & gum-sole
Got blood on the bottom, thugs up in Sodom
Savage life, appetite for destruction
Bagging white, smack a hermaphrodite in the function
Conjuction Junction, you f***s is pumpkin
Pie, I am fly, awesome Henny consumption
Too old for bulls***, playtime is over
Grey 9 with the mule-kick, playtime for doujas
Rap real life, life really's a wrap
Your s*** b**** weak, 16 is 6 feet deep
Baby bar, par, crap in your diapers
I'm crazy, I don't play with y'all
Crack in the pipers
Get the memo
Sean been hard since the days of “It's A Demo”


VERSE 3 – Jake Palumbo

Respectful honky, amicable Anglo
Productive junkie, eat a Xanax with a mango
Annex your assets by any means needed
Half this board meeting don't seem to realize I'm weeded
Southern hospitality, humble to a fault
But you push the wrong button, got no problems with assault
You getting mushy, spending money on your lady
I'm getting pussy wearing clothes from Old Navy
But my Ralph Lauren Polo's are pressed up like vinyl
Address me as Your Highness in the presence of your rivals
Electrified Blanka, fighting M. Bison
Finally earned a shot for 16 with Mic Tyson
Jake Palumbo, Jake Steed, Jake Lamotta
Jake It Till You Make It, take the money, make it hotter
Born in Tennessee you tend to see a lot of firearms
Fire out your speakers guaranteed as long as I'm on