Murky Waters: The Endless Pursuit

by Ciphurphace

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Brand new EP from Ciphurphace, his debut on SpaceLAB Recordings
Produced entirely by Jake Palumbo


released November 25, 2011

Produced by Jake Palumbo
All songs written by D. Ferrell & T. Vick except where noted
© 2011 SpaceLAB Recordings
℗ Palumbo's Escrow (ASCAP), Secret Asian Man Music (BMI)

SPC 016



all rights reserved
Track Name: Eye Of The Ciphur (Murk City Anthem) featuring Jake Palumbo

I'm pissed off like I'm Rick Ross who jus had the thick sauce pissed on by the pit boss at a BBQ Joint
then overcharged and ripped off-told by the owner to get lost-I spit strong-you spit soft-no need to argue the point
I'm a mothereffin' beast - you suckers rest in peace
Ain't nothin' iller than this rhyme hustler blessin' beats
You down right slippin' - I'm outside flippin'
Spittin' hot 16's and eatin' Crown Fried Chicken
Gettin' oohs & aahs from all the brown-eyed vixens
Off the dome-I'll do it without my writtens
I'm about my business - never doubt my vision
You can't handle the heat then stay the eff out my kitchen
I don't care if you're from the East, West, North, or Southside spittin'
Phace in a rage on stage - I blow out live systems
To hip-hop I'm loyal still - I got royal skills
And flows bigger than the BP oil spill


Rising up, back on the street with a warning shot
Murk City for your system
Took my time, took my chances
No advances come until you stare into
The Eye of The Ciphur


It's the sinister truth player-diminish your crew player
This is Tucson motherfuckers! Word to Minister Toothtaker
Let's get it straight I rock fresher-guillotine mics
You couldn't GO HARD if you were Brock Lesnar at a green light
Let's get it straight I rock sicker and I write nice
I'm a hungry Asian-you're potstickers and some white rice
Cap peeler crack dealer? You aint peddlin drugs
the only o-z's you have is on a measuring cup
They sayin' Drizzy Drake is the future-now that's scary
You wouldn't catch me live on the radio readin' raps off the Blackberry
That's blasphemous like cursin' an apostle
But you can catch Ciph in the city murkin' a falafel
And don't think you're safe-I may battle you next
On the F train wit Jake P. headed to Avenue X
Don't ever diss the SouthFresh/SpaceLab family name
Microphone "Damaged" like Danity Kane-you'll be savagely slain



I don't care if your new album has 8 songs featuring Akon and Trey Songz
You'll still catch lyrical napalm when I detonate a Phace bomb
My merit's real - you got a careless deal
The only time you would get heavy rotation if you were Bone Crusher on a ferris wheel
Ciphurphace is nice - that's a trending topic
battle me it don't make sense like bums lending stock tips
All you phony cats play the part of a wanksta very well
I can just play some Ice Cube if I want to hear a Gangsta's Fairytale
Ciph fall off? - that'll happen when hell freezes
You're wack and you know it-now get ready to tell Jesus
Some rap as a performer and it spells genius
Cuz they don't wanna go back on the corner like Darrelle Revis
Let's bring it back to that Cypress and Funkdoobiest rap shit
Labels need some dope emcees_they need to clone my Deoxyribonucleic acid
Open my notebook and see more bars than a state prison - ask me if you're dope-i'll shout more NO's than a rape victim