This Time Next Year

by C-Zar Van Gogh

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Produced by Jake Palumbo

Written by C. Blue & T. Vick


"This Time Next Year" produced by Zeaphy
(C. Blue / J. Webber)

"Beautiful Day" produced by Warren "T-Money" Edwards
for Warren Edwards Productions
(C. Blue / W. Edwards)

© 2012 SpaceLAB Recordings
℗ Palumbo's Escrow (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved

A&R Direction by Stax
Art Direction by Ollie OX Designs
Photography by Jason of Rebel Kid Tees

Recorded & Mixed by Jake Palumbo at
SpaceLAB Recording Studios
251 W. 30th Street,
New York, NY 10001

Mastered by Dale Nixon & Jake Palumbo

Guitars on “Revolver On My Chifforobe” recorded by MiAH at The Sound Lair (Knoxville, TN)

Additional voice-overs & dialogue by Ollie OX

Sample Clearances by Ms. Kincade & Ms. Carmichael, for Adam Schiff, Esq. & Associates

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M.V.P. Single (2012)
A-1 History: In The Baking: The Soundtrack Mixtape
(with Ed Ward) (2012)
Good Writtens: The Duck Tape Mixtape (2012)
Hood Stimulus Package debut LP (2011)



released December 12, 2012

C-ZAR VAN GOGH WOULD LIKE TO THANK: God, for giving me this talent. Mom, Dad, Stax, ARGB, Jake Palumbo, Luke Vick, Sparks, Toast, D Nyce Gabbana (DNG), Coop, RJ, Randle, EnJ, BDiddy, S. Nalls, PoloSquad, KDUBB, “God Son the Prophet”, BAGZ of MPM, GMAKK, LOUDLAB, L.O.,Future, Stay Nyce (Young Planets), Jay “Swagnificent” Speez, Migalon da Don, K Buttah, Illest Willis McGillis, AJ, Rollie Rowe, T Rizzy, Mario aka “Sip Slo”, Dat Tiff of Beautiful Rebels, “da-kid” Nate, TinoXL, DJ and Darryl, Jonathan Grant, Justin Wilson, Big Kev Barnease, Aiyana, “Brucie B”,Phippa, T money, J. “Rumello” Foster, Zeaphy, Lyrical, MILK, Rohan, Lo Gotti, Paul Peezy, “Mo” Williams, Adam Bernard, Val, Knitting Factory, 1 Life 2 Live ENT.,Don Pedro, Mike Voss, Reese, Mike Pace, ScorpioFlo, AL BASICS and KAMERATA SOCIETY, Ciphurphace, Ollie Ox, Ed W.A.R.D., Mo Kofuma, Mike N.O.T.E.S. Joey Garcia, RICH P, PlayCouSans, PAWZ ONE, Kofi, T.K. and DNB, Mista Freezy, Slo Motion, Relly Rale Films, PrimeTime “PT”, NY Nikki, ML6 of 103.1 WeUP FM, Tiffology of Crayon Beats, Fantom of The Beat, Lady “O” Show, Benchwarmer, Green Room, The Vault Philly, Fennarios, Appalachian State University, UNC, Arizona University, Hoftsra University, CALI- A.R.N., Angelous, David Reich- Hale, Professor Don Dreyer, Dara Pace, Leo, Jon Grossbard, Dr. Cornell West, ALL OF THE BLOGS (too many to mention), everybody who struggled with me, encouraged me, hated on me, to you all,THANK YOU! ESPECIALLY those police dogs with the malfunctioning nose sensory!



all rights reserved
Track Name: Nobody

flying under the radar
its cz-to the ar
more smoke than a seance
eat good like a gala
all black suit on the block
like i play for the ravens
just left the taylor
she asked if im famous

hello yes it's the fellow
hammer in my palm
was the size of a cello
chopper wit the wood grain
hear the propella
Go on seven like im
siding wit melo
everybody sweet and soft
they remind me of jello
they tryna be hard
i guess imma scale em
what i was sellin dog
woulda found me in federal
headed to the top
but i’m still in the vestibule
stax i hope its the right building
gettin’ high wit my brother
gimme that wright feeling
playin wit da cards
dat we got from last nights dealing
re-up mission
purple sprite spillin’
now we overcomin’
wit some white women
despite the neighborhood watch ice grillin’
need to get em a bezzle
when i laid low
i had a chick that embezzled
she rape pillage like a pilgrim
then we settle
reinvest it
then we peddle
big wheels 10 speeds bmx’s
back-pack of remedies
for relievin’ stressors
damn near sold out
who need the rest
got the uppers and them downers
who need to rest


i don’t remind you of nobody
remind you of some doe prolly

i don’t remind you of nobody
remind you of some doe prolly


flying under the radar
its cz to the ar
more smoke than a seance
eatin’ good like a gala
all black suit on
like i play for the ravens
and i just left the taylor
and she asked if i’m famous

on my way to paper
in the V like selah
if do you a favor
it’s comin’ wit ultimatums
if i give you a choice
you either leave it
or you take it
tell you wit the blicky out
so we not mistaken
american big faces
gotta payback to jamaicans
when i say i’m sold out
you should see these people faces
see disappointment defeat
some of em hate me
prolly wanna shank me
if they do
who gone replace me
ain’t get the drop yet
block gettin’ impatient
feelin’ like a doctor
steady gettin dem patients
need a bigger waiting room
just to facilitate ‘em
gotta move smart
cuz i’m not sitting in the station
but you are


i don’t remind you of nobody
remind you of some doe prolly

i don’t remind you of nobody
remind you of some doe prolly


flying under the radar
its cz to the ar
more smoke than a seance
eatin’ good like a gala
all black suit on
like i play for the ravens
and i just left the taylor
and she asked if i’m famous
Track Name: Blues Brothers
red cup a brown water
sip it while im smoking out
kickin back relaxing
puppet master im controllin droughts
dayum right I'm holdin out
aint no classes on cheffing up
gotta get ya own work hard
not to f it up
put ya griffeys on it
channing tatum better
better step it up
that mean it was raw when u bought it
brought it across all of dem borders
straight to the hood tryna barter
and i got patnas
we all gon’ get a cut wit no barber
i take paper change and credit
but my preference is the wired cash
implying its fire and i ain't gotta buy it back
responsible for keepin’ all da custies comfortable
self sustaining
they always gon re-up wit u
things got wings when
that telephone rings
at the table wit my digi out
doin my thing
putting gs on they feet
and fiends on they knees
thought the last batch was sweeeeet
homie get a load of deez

now i’m playing poker
texas hold ‘em just to be precise
the trees match the drank
i know u seen the sprite
we got howard on the trading block
who need da white
trap doors in the v
when i see them lights
i just let EM search it straight face
while he read my rights
he ain't gon’ find dat
plus i wasn't speedin right
he better let me go
he ain't find no pedi-co
cuz I got a chic a home
she get it wet
wit dat steady flow
can't leave her at the crib
cuz the squad might team her
have her ridin round
like a all white Beamer
prolly turn her into a base hitter like jeter
that's not the way to treat her
let her taste the weed and the seeds
when it comes to that beaver
it's all black and white
just leave it to czar
puttin g’s on they feet
fiends on they knees
thought that last batch was sweeeet
shawty get a load of deez
Track Name: Let Me Know (Tell Me Somethin')
Another day, another dollar
But the dollar aint worth nada yamean
product of my environment i hear doubters holla
i wont succeed
cant rely on obama cuz he gotta
whole lotta strings tied to em
and the puppet master said
they really cant handle truth
just lie to em
health care, welfare
education hell yeah
but if we cant afford the train fare
tell me how the f we supposed to get there
gas prices class prices
why white chics cant act nicer
booty pop booty shots
quick fix for the ass crisis


Somebody gotta let me know
Somebody gotta tell me something
Somebody gotta let me know
Somebody gotta tell me something

white girls buy albums
white girls go to shows
thats only cuz all ya real fans
really cant afford to go
oooh \yeah slang dope
gon head busss that move
give it 2 em raw everytime
why always cutting up fool
you rappers are no better
because all yall know better
but you to the vow let it perpetuate
cuz of your cheddar
this is bigger than 9/11 mayne
all of our people dyin fast
if everybody outchere brokee
why the only thing you talk bout is cash

all i wanted was a arizona ice tea
and some skittles
got my head phones in just chillin
dude was yelling something
music bumpin so i aint hear em
when he ran up on me
told em back up
aint listen so i had to hit em
yeah i had to act up cuz i had to get em
then he picked a strap up and shot me like jimmer
tried to blame it on the hoody
blame it on the weed
blame it on the broken nose
atleast you get to breathe
had me in the streets
bleedin out my woven clothes
family toe up
plus you got all the black people mad
and the hood got waaay bigger guns
than yall police gon have
Track Name: Behooving The Youth
behooving the youth (feat. dr. dedrick blue)

(Dr. Blue speaks)

as I pen this hit out I'm
posted at the park
wit the lit loud
kickin all the lil kids out
told EM that they need to go home
and do they school work
everybody round here strapped
tryna move work
go read a book or something
prepare to be a doctor
and promise you’ll never consider the block
as a option
cuz it will eat ya up
yeah ya sneakers tuff
but u gotta keep it tucked
cuz dem jackers creepin up
and ya momma dont
wanna see you dead
or jail she won't be sleepin much
dark thoughts keep her up
praying that you keep the faith
and that every night you keep ya butt
imagine homie see her face
she's torn into pieces
she can't even help
swimming thru a pool of tears
might as well compete wit phelps
please young man
make something of ya self
try to be like cornell
if you tryna be great
time to think like a man
like steve harvey would say (hey)

(Dr. Blue speaks)

been down dat road
i made them moves
it's not about just stayin
make them As in school
yeah u starting on the team
but nba ain't finna pay you fool
you must be crazy dude

that's all they told me I was good at
football basketball
drive dish dunks and all
cheerleaders plucked EM off
one by one some of EM was friends
wasn't tripping
I could have any one I want
but the hype got boring
plus I ain't have to study
all my girlfriends did my homework for me
now its time to go to college
and i gotta pick a major
only thing i knew
how to grind and get the paper
first class I skipped was pre cal
been here a week now (i hated math)
I got me some freaks owwww
now i'm in the cut like neo-sporin
sporting foreign clothing
feeling important
and aura new yorkish
hung the jersey up
yeah i fell in love
at the time ain't realize what it was
we broke up
now school on the back burner
found a plug
and i started stacking
off the sack burners

(Dr. Blue speaks)

been down dat road
i made them moves
it's not about just stayin
make them As in school
yeah u starting on the team
but nba ain't finna pay you fool
you must be crazy dude
Track Name: Revolver On My Chifforobe (featuring Jake Palumbo)
Revolvers all around, like the Beatles' best album
Eating scallions & Valiums, here to drop off the check
I could stop working tomorrow & live off respect
But I expect the unexpected, so my residence protected
Senator Jim Brady bugging, but I respect the perspective
My hecklers get Heckler'd - so I've never been heckled.
If Romney get elected?'s 2012, anyway.
Did I say that out loud? That's a federal offense.
I got a revolver


One in the chamber, spin it around
1 in 6 chances of laying you down
Russian Recreation, The States' the only nation
That got Masons on the currency, & burners in their anthem
Ran by 99 Bananas
I'm The 99% with hammers
Had Alexander Hamilton never been murked by Aaron Burr
Would them $10 bills still build a war over turf??
Nevertheless I'm on a mission, with a scattergun & a biscuit
All them blunderbuss governors under us
Feeling the tug of the rug up from under 'em
By a revolver